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5 days ago

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - What to Expect

Immediately after experiencing a work-related injury, questions begin to arise and you may not be sure what to do next or what you can expect to happen. To help guide you through the initial stages of your claim, we have provided the following on what to expect after sustaining a work-related injury. Be sure to also check out the Glossary of commonly-used insurance terminology. If you have additional questions, please contact your claim representative or your employer.


Report your injury to your employer.


Report any injuries to your supervisor or safety manager as soon as they occur. Even if you think you may not need medical treatment, it is always important to notify your employer of all injuries as soon as they occur. You may think it will get better over the weekend, or with rest, however it is still very important for you to notify your employer of any work related injury or accident. The sooner we know about your injury, the sooner we can implement a proactive plan to help you return to wellness.


Employer reports claim to insurance carrier.


Your employer will report the injury to Eastern Alliance Insurance Group by filing a claim, and your claim will be assigned a claim number. Your employer will give you the claim number as well as a Work Status Report form to take to the doctor or hospital. The claim representative will be in contact with you to go over the details of the claim, as well as any benefit information. Keep your claim number and claim representative’s contact information in an easily accessible place, such as your wallet.


Medical treatment


Your employer will advise you if they have a list of doctors that you are required to treat with (sometimes referred to as a "medical panel"). When you go for medical treatment, give the provider your employer’s information, your claim number, and the insurance carrier's information.


There is no co-payment or deductible for you to pay. Sometimes providers may not have your claim information so they will bill the patient. If you are receiving a bill at home, it is probably a sign that your claim representative has not received the bill. If you receive any invoices at home, you can call the billing department listed on your bill and give them your claim information, or you can send the bill to your claim representative. Make sure to write your claim number on any correspondence that you send to us.


Work Restrictions


Your provider will determine if there is a need for any additional follow up treatment or prescription medications indicated, as well as if you are given any type of restrictions for work. Provide them with the Work Status report for completion. This is proof of any type of restrictions or disability that you are given. Give this to your employer and ask them to make a copy for you. They should send a copy of this to the claim representative assigned to your claim. After each following appointment, you should get your work status.

1 week ago

Online Security - Police and council push online safety message

Online Security - Police and council push online safety message

Residents are being reminded about the importance of online safety as part of a special event involving Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire Police.


Organizations across the country are taking part in Safer Internet Day 2017 today (7th February), promoting the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for everyone.


To encourage this Warwickshire County Council’s Cyber Safe Warwickshire and the Office of Warwickshire’s police and Crime Commissioner are sharing their top tips for staying safe online.


These include using strong and unique passwords, installing and regularly updating antivirus software and updating your privacy settings on social media.


Other recommendations include being cautious when opening links or email attachments, always checking for the padlock symbol when entering personal details online and to update device software.


All devices that link to the internet, including mobile phones and tablets should also be protected.


Phillip Seccombe, Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Tackling cybercrime is a key element of my Police and Crime Plan for Warwickshire, which involves not only work by the police to target and catch the criminals responsible, but also helping educate the public in the best ways in which they can help themselves avoid falling victim. It’s estimated that as much as 80 percent of all cybercrime can be cut out just by taking simple security precautions, so I urge everyone to follow our top tips to stay safe online. ”


Councillor John Horner, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Community Safety, said: “The internet is a rich source of entertainment and knowledge that plays an important role in most people’s daily lives so it is vital that we ensure all our residents have the tools that they need to make the most of online resources but also navigate the internet in safety.”


Cllr Philip Johnson, Chair of the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee, added: “It’s clear from Warwickshire’s first annual cybercrime survey that online crime and internet fraud are booming and, in Warwickshire, we have already invested in a range of activities to tackle this. As part of safer internet day, we hope to raise awareness of the issues so that people can take practical steps to avoid becoming a victim.”


More information about safer internet day 2017 is available on the UK Safer Internet Centre Website:


In addition to these top tips for online safety, Cyber Safe Warwickshire has also launched an e-learning module to residents to help them think about their online safety.

2 weeks ago

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements

Updates to OSHA Reporting Requirements

Updated OSHA recordkeeping requirements take effect on January 1, 2015. Do you know how these changes impact you?


• OSHA will continue to require employers to notify OSHA when a fatality occurs in the workplace, within 8 hours after the employer learns about the event. This rule applies regardless of establishment size or industry exemption.

• All employers, regardless of establishment size or industry exemption, will also be required to report any work-related inpatient hospitalization, amputation or loss of an eye, within 24 hours after the employer learns about the event.

• There is a revised list of low-hazard industries not required to maintain injury and illness records, unless specifically asked to do so. Some industries are newly exempt from the recordkeeping requirements. Other industries previously not required to keep injury and illness records will now be required to do so.


Review the new list to determine your recordkeeping status!




Download the OSHA Recordkeeping Fact Sheet:



4 weeks ago

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Selecting the best tyres for your vehicle

Today, you can find a lot of different types of tyres on the market. However, finding the right one for your vehicle might give you a hard time, but with the proper guidance of Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group, you will definitely find the suitable tyre that matches your vehicle.


Taking care of your car has been the priority of the company since its foundation. It offers dependable car services such as brake checks, MOTs, and free seasonal checks, and as a family-run company, it also offers its customers a good help in finding the tyres for their cars.


If you’re planning to renew the tyres of your vehicle, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group could be of much help in deciding which tyre suits your car the most. There are also elements that could greatly contribute to your decision, and they include size, climate and how you drive.


The wall of the tyre includes crucial information about the tyre such as its size, section width, aspect ratio or profile, radius, load capacity and speed rating. Knowing this, you may also identify the date and place it was made.


Circumstances that could affect the life of your tyre might involve: driving in inner city conditions as opposed to motorways or the mileage per annum is either high or low. Based on your given requirements, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group could assist you in choosing the right tyre while taking into account other details like if you’re driving in a sportier manner since it could also affect the life of your tyre.


If you have a particular requirement or need more help in finding the right tyre for your car, please call the local depot of Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group who is always ready to answer any of your questions regarding your car and who will be more than glad to help you. You can also visit them today and discuss all your car-related concerns to them.

4 weeks ago

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - Financial Strength and Stability

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - Financial Strength and Stability

When choosing a workers' compensation insurance company, you should be assured that the company you select has the financial strength to assume the right risk for your needs.


Eastern Alliance Insurance Group is a member of the ProAssurance family of companies.


In its 2008 rating rationale, A.M. Best recognized Eastern Alliance's "strong operational results, excellent capitalization and diversified organizational structure." The rationale also highlighted the company’s "five-year average combined ratio, which remains well below the workers' compensation average."


We're specialists.

We focus on doing one thing and doing that one thing well: providing superior workers' compensation products and services to businesses and organizations. Since 1997, we have built a strong reputation for being a "best in class" provider of workers' compensation products and services. We've achieved this position by creating supportive relationships and providing our employees and clients with the tools and resources they need to win with integrity.

1 month ago

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: A good team with a good car service

Being an effective or a good team doesn’t mean that each member should be perfect, what is important is that everyone understands each other and works hand in hand to achieve a certain goal. And Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group values and applies this in doing their job. They work hard each day to give a good car service to their customers.


A lot of people in Southbourne has been witnessing the good car service of Tyre&Auto and has been recommending the place to their families and friends with car concerns over the years. Some customers showed how impressed they are with the kind and smart service of the team through their reviews. Each manager gained unmatched trust from the customers and has been dedicated to giving detailed and careful service to people ever since.


The company does not only provide a good service to their customers but also builds a good camaraderie with them. Their professional approach will surely solve any of your car-related concerns and their dependable skills will be an advantage to you and your vehicle.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group, a family run company, has been active in the trades in South Coast of Hampshire. They are also composed of professionals that aim to solve any car problems efficiently and foresee imminent concerns properly.


The company is vigilant in handling each service and makes sure that everything is working well for their customers and their vehicles. They are available for brake checks, car servicing, looking for good tyres, MOTs, plus they also provide free seasonal checks. Their online service helps you reserve your tyres for fitting and obtain a quick tyre quote.


Giving utmost convenience is their priority, thus, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group provides a local collect and a return service to their customers wherein you can ask them about the service when you booked. Checking your car’s windscreen wipers and doing a full engine overhaul to your vehicle are also parts of their services.


Contact their local depot to know more about their services and experience their good services delivered by a good team.

1 month ago

Japan Asia Group Limited Review - Notice of Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation

Name of Company: Japan Asia Group Limited

Name of Representative: Tetsuo Yamashita, Chairman and CEO

 (TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) First Section (code: 3751))

Contact Information: Kazunobu Watanabe, Director

Tel: (03) 4476 8000 (Main Switchboard)


Please be advised that the Company has decided at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on May 19, 2016, to submit the “Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation” matter to the ordinary general meeting of the shareholders scheduled to be held on June 23, 2016 as follows.


1. Reasons for the Amendments:

(1) Purpose is added to build sustainable cities of the future green community, and to respond to the expansion and diversification of our business.

(2) The number of directors is changed from 7 or less to 11 or less in order to strengthen the management structure and corporate governance of the Company in preparation of future business expansion.


2. Details of the Amendments:

(1) The details of the amendments are set out below:


Current Articles of Incorporation Proposed Amendment


Article 1 (Text omitted)


Article 2 (Objectives)

1. (1) to (8) (Text omitted) (9) The business of the development, construction, supervision, operation, maintenance and administration of renewable energy facilities; (10) to (19) (Text omitted) (Newly set) (20) to (21) (Text omitted)


2. to 5. (Text omitted)

Article 3 to 18 (Text omitted)

Article 19 (Number of Directors)

The number of directors of the Company shall be seven (7) or less.


Article 20 to 50 (Text omitted)


Article 1 (Unchanged)


Article 2 (Objectives)

1. (1) to (8) (Unchanged) (9) The business of the development, construction, supervision, operation, maintenance, administration, sale and purchase of renewable energy facilities; (10) to (19) (Unchanged) (20) The business of management, sale and purchase of forests; (21) to (22) (Unchanged)

2. to 5. (Unchanged)


Article 3 to 18 (Unchanged)


Article 19 (Number of Directors)

The number of directors of the Company shall be eleven (11) or less.


Articles 20 to 50 (Unchanged)


(2) Schedule regarding the Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company


Date of the general meeting of the shareholders for the Articles of Incorporation amendment: Thursday, June 23, 2016


Scheduled effective date of the Articles of Incorporation amendment: Thursday, June 23, 2016