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8 hours ago

Hawkfield Gallery Review - Surrounded by Art in Childhood

Hawkfield Gallery Review - Surrounded by Art in Childhood

Sally Caverly grew up in an environment surrounded by art. During her teen years, she was at times tasked by her parents to serve as an auctioneer on their collection of American impressionist paintings and sculptures. Her keen taste in art is an extension of her attachment with the mountains and the wildlife of the Lakes Region in New Hampshire. She started her first artwork collection in her late twenties where she bought a pastel drawing of wild ducks by William Henry Chandler. Obtaining this artwork makes her want to collect more, and as I noticed, her love on artworks with ducks, geese, birds and wild animals are evident on her collective artworks.


Sally grew up on the East Coast where the environment and the people she interacts with became an integral part of what she is now and what Hawkfield consultants has reached. Her attachment in the place is quite apparent through her collections. And her experiences and insights became a great aide to maintain the gallery's charm to many tourist and art lovers visiting the place.

Hawkfield Gallery and its fine art consultants with their expertise and experience in the field have helped Sally Caverly in providing great service and assistance to many clients of the gallery.




Sally obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, a diploma in Phillips Academy and a Master’s degree in Education. She also later worked as Market Research Department Head at Houghton Mifflin Company and operated an online retail store. Currently, she is the Director of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association.

4 days ago

Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Your Bournemouth stop for the best Chinese foods

Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Your Bournemouth stop for the best Chinese foods

We always want adventure when it comes to food. Most of us would even visit a lot of different places just to taste various dishes. For someone who loves Chinese foods, you should try Harmony Chinese Takeaway located in Southbourne, a suburb of Bournemouth in Dorset. They offer great service to their customers with their delicious food. Local people only have praise to this takeaway and their reviews are available on top food or travel websites, which provide reviews of related content.


Local people also feel fortunate for having such takeaway in their area. They often invite their family and friends to try the food at Harmony Chinese Takeaway. The people managing the place are all friendly and only provide tasty food at a reasonable price. People continue to order at this place often every time they want Chinese cuisines.


With their mouthwatering food, they definitely have an amazing cook. The location of the takeaway is also easily accessible to a lot of people and could catch the interest of the tourists who love food adventures. You will surely enjoy their food and would love to come back again.


My friends and family also tried a lot of different dish from other eateries, and Harmony Chinese Takeaway was by far the most loved and the best one for them. Unlike from other takeaways, Harmony always provides prompt service with accurate orders, because others sometimes give wrong orders.


On a different thought, their rice was also cooked very well and it’s a good bonus because it was not too greasy or salty. People we invited to try Harmony Chinese Takeaway also think the same way as we do, and always give positive feedback to the takeaway. They pledged to become loyal customers after tasting its incredible food. Harmony and its different cuisines satisfied the flavor of many customers, and its good standards impressed me as well as other people.

1 week ago

Online Security: These Are Today's Top 8 Cyber-Crime Trends According to Europol

Online Security: These Are Today

In its Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report released today, Europol has detailed today's top 8 most prevalent cybercrime trends, for which investigators have seen a rise in detected incidents since the start of the year.


The report, which highlights an upward trend for volume, scope and material cost of cybercrime, comes on the heels of UK authorities announcing earlier in the year that cybercrime has surpassed traditional crime for the first time in their country's history.


#1: Crime-as-a-Service

Europol says that the digital underground is shifting towards a Crime-as-a-Service business model, with various individuals and groups specializing in a niche crime and providing technical support and service for that crime alone using online services.


From illegal weapons sales to on-demand hacks, and from DDoS-for-Hire services to exploit kit packages, you can buy online almost any type of cybercrime service these days.


#2: Ransomware

If you read Softpedia's Security News section, you can hardly go one day without reading a report on ransomware-related topics. Besides ransomware, Europol also says that banking trojans have been a popular form of malware this year as well.


#3: The criminal use of data

Recent hacks and data breaches have thrust troves of data in the public eye, which crooks are leveraging for other hacks, fraud, and even extortion.


#4: Payment fraud

Europol says it received a large number of fraud complaints, which were traced back to organized crime groups hacking ATMs, EMV, and contactless (NFC) cards.


#5: Online child sexual abuse

The large number of online tools and services providing complex and unbreakable end-to-end encryption, along with anonymous payments supported via crypto-currencies has resulted in "an escalation in the live streaming of child abuse."


#6: Abuse of the Darknet

More and more crime-related activities have now moved to the Darknet (or Dark Web), a portion of the Internet for which you need special software like Tor and I2P to access. Criminals are taking advantage of the anonymity these networks provide to go about their business unabated.


#7: Social engineering

Europol says that spear-phishing incidents aimed at high-value targets have gone up in 2016, and it highlights the increase in CEO fraud (BEC scams) attacks.


#8: Virtual currencies

Europol says Bitcoin has become the de-facto standard currency for extortion payments. This is also the reason why Europol established a Bitcoin Money Laundering Division earlier this month.

2 weeks ago

Review: Internet Technology (IT) and the infinite possibilities it holds

We say infinite because Information Technology is like the universe because it has no limits and its possibilities are endless. We can't conclude that its creations are only limited to today's machinery and gadgets. Its future holds more developments, more opportunities and more benefits for the human race. You can see that every sector of the society today depends on IT to fulfill their specific needs.


If we will look back ten years ago, smartphones or tablets were haven't introduced yet but who would have imagined that ten years after these gadgets will serve as a vital part of almost every person's daily lives. We wouldn't be surprised if those gadgets will be replaced in the near future with more advanced and innovative inventions.


Most innovations from the past years gave a huge benefit to the society. For example, from televisions with a channel wheel to light-weight flat screen TVs, people can now watch videos available from the internet on their widescreen TVs and they can even do video chat with their loved ones from abroad.


Our modern society is used to the existence of IT and its influence is evident to almost all people. Kids, teenagers, and adults all have at least a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Getting essential sources of information could be done easily today as well as transferring data and finances. In order to save more time and perform their other tasks at home or in their office, people tend to hold remote or long-distance conference using their gadgets. Technology is undoubtedly the great growling engine of change.


New doors to different opportunities opened because of the widespread use of internet and IT. Professionals are now able to work at home; especially writers, where they can submit their manuscripts or edited work online since transferring of data are done quickly with the use of the internet. Nowadays, you can also reach your family and friends anytime and anywhere you want.


We can see developers and inventors continuing to create more incredible innovations that seem to be impossible to achieve today but Information Technology holds endless possibilities and what is impossible today could be possible tomorrow. The wonders of IT inspired Metropolitan Wireless International to create their Unified Message Switch (UMS) to help businesses on their communication issues. The firm has garnered a lot of clients throughout the years and continues to provide trustworthy solutions to the communication needs of many businesses.

2 weeks ago

Moss Adams Business Consultants: INTERNATIONAL TAX SERVICES

Moss Adams Business Consultants: INTERNATIONAL TAX SERVICES

Cross-border business brings great opportunity—but also complexity. Discover how Moss Adams can help you mitigate your tax exposure and increase your chances for success.


Whether you operate distribution channels in Europe; procure from Malaysia, Vietnam, and China; expand into emerging markets; or simply trade in the global economy, understanding international tax systems can enhance your returns and align with your future business plans.


Many of our clients trade internationally or have offshore subsidiaries or joint ventures. As a result, Moss Adams has a keen understanding of the tax services needed by businesses that operate multinationally. Of course, complex issues arise, but there are also tremendous opportunities—both to reduce tax exposure and to drive greater business success.


Our International Tax group can support all tax aspects of your international businesses, including foreign taxation, financing arrangements, sourcing, import-export considerations, and new markets. Our specialists have technical and hands-on experience evaluating business restructuring or business rationalization and determining the resulting tax implications.


Among our many international tax services, we offer:





            • EXPORT PLANNING





            • TRANSFER PRICING


3 weeks ago





Information technology is a major investment for every organization. Are you making the most of it? Doing so requires not only selecting the right systems and software but also understanding the implications—financial, regulatory, operational, and more. Customized strategic support for everything from data security to compliance with government and industry standards can help you drive greater efficiency, control costs, and avoid common pitfalls.


Organizations nationwide turn to us for help assessing technology needs, making IT systems more effective, and meeting future IT requirements. We work with clients in many fields, including technology, government, financial services, health care, manufacturing, and transportation. Our professionals have an average of 15 years of experience in IT, and they’re certified in multiple areas to help you address your business-critical systems.


With a wide range of IT audit, consulting, cybersecurity, and implementation services, Moss Adams can help you use your technology investments to improve the way you do business.

3 weeks ago

Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore - How to Buy

Find a Local Sales Rep

Interested in learning more about Haws products? Simply select your location and we'll show you the closest sales reps that best match your search.

Find a Local Distributor

Haws products are available at local plumbing distributors and industrial supply stores. Please use our Contact Us Form or call us at (888) 640-4297 to find the nearest retailer.

Online Retailers

GraingerAirgasDrinking Fountain DoctorNorthern SafetyAmazon Logo Ferguson OnlineTenaquip

Purchase Haws Replacement Parts

Spare parts are available for all current products and some discontinued products. To purchase spare parts, please call our Parts Department at 1-888-640-4297 during normal business hours or use our Contact Us Form.

International Customers

Haws products are available world wide. Here are our regional headquarters:

EMEA Headquaters

Haws AG

Bachweg 3

CH-3401 Burgdorf


Phone: + 41(0)34 420 60 00

Fax: + 41(0)34 420 60 01


Latin America Headquarters

Avlis - Haws do Brasil Ltda

Avenida Senador Teotonio Vilela, 505

Jardim Aeroporto

13304-550 Itu, S.P.


Phone: +55 11 4813 9977

Fax: +55 11 4813 9978


Asia-Pacific Headquarters

Haws Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.

5 Woodlands Terrace


Singapore 738430

Phone: +65 6367 0359

Fax: +65 6269 4110



Haws China

No. 8, Xin Tai Road

Wuxi, Jiangsu China 214028

Phone: +86 510 8522 6533

Fax : +86 510 8522 5015



Haws India

Spazedge, A 403-404, Sector 47, Sohna Expressway

Gurgaon, Haryana

India 122002

Phone: 1 800 121 HAWS (4297)



4 weeks ago

Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore - Blog Repost: Facility managers should upgrade to tankless water heaters

Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore - Blog Repost: Facility managers should upgrade to tankless water heaters

As a facility manager, your job is two-fold. Everything in your buildings has to be maintained and running smoothly, and you need to keep the cost to do so as low as possible.

With that in mind, an electric tankless water heater fits perfectly into your plans.

Outdated practices

Before looking to the future, it’s important to understand the past. Water heating in large commercial or residential buildings has mainly been accomplished through storage. According to Facilities Net, these are typically 50- to 90-gallon capacity tanks that warm water over time so there’s always a fresh supply available.

There are two issues here. One being that a commercial building is usually only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week. It doesn’t make sense to warm water outside of those time constraints, yet storage water heaters run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The second one being that these systems are often housed on the ground floor or in the basement of a building. Residential buildings nowadays can be as tall as 10 or 20 stories. It doesn’t matter how many storage water heaters there are in the building, the water still has to travel an extremely long way to get to its final destination. This means using more energy to accomplish the task, as well as gallons of water being wasted because the occupants are running the tap waiting for warm water to come out.

According to Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine, water heating accounts for between 15 and 35 percent of a commercial building’s energy use, which represents a large portion of operation expenditures. This number grows even higher depending on how the energy is utilized, and which appliances are using it. Simply put – outdated methods of providing warm water to tenants of the building are costing more than they need to.

Facility managers can quickly curb the use of electricity and natural gas, as well as reduce the amount of time they spend on maintenance by retrofitting their old water heating system with a tankless water heater.

Storage water heaters use energy to warm water even when no one is around to use it.Storage water heaters use energy to warm water even when no one is around to use it.

Transforming old to new

There are a number of benefits associated with installing a tankless water heater. The first being the impressive savings on utilities. As storage water heaters keep a tank of warm water at all times, they end up using more energy to compensate for standby heat loss. This occurs when the temperature drops in the tank, causing the system to warm water that was previously heated.

This issue becomes especially problematic for commercial buildings that host office tenants, as they aren’t present on the weekend. This is a moment when no water will be used, yet the system is still using energy to keep the supply warm. According to, making the switch from a storage to a tankless water heater can produce nearly 30 percent energy savings, which can be put back directly into facility upkeep and other areas of maintaining the building.

“Tankless water heaters produce 30 percent in energy savings.”


Another benefit exclusive to facility managers is the longevity of the system. Storage water heaters need to constantly be checked and maintained, and anode rod corrosion can spell the end of a system if it isn’t properly cared for. Since tankless water heaters provide on-demand water heating, there’s less of a chance of corrosion setting in. Storage water heaters tend to have a 10 to 15 year lifespan, while tankless can last up to 25 years if properly maintained. reported the only real maintenance necessary is to bleed the system once every three to five years.

As mentioned above, larger buildings put strain on their water heating system due to how far the water has to travel. Regardless of whether you have a storage or tankless water heater in place at the base of the building, tankless water heaters can be leveraged as a point-of-use product to provide warm water at a faster rate, which cuts down on the length it has to travel.

If you find you’re spending too much time caring for your storage water heater, too much money on the utility bill, or receiving too many complaints from tenants about not having quick access to warm water, it may be a signal that it’s time to switch things up and go tankless.

1 month ago

Apple and SAP: An ideal partnership

I've heard from Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan that SAP is teaming up with Apple in a partnership. For me, that's great news! I'm a big fan of both firms and this partnership will certainly produce great results.

This partnership made me confident that companies and developers will soon develop new opportunities in the digital world. Being a customer of the products and services of both firms, I could see excellent business applications coming. SAP is developing new and native iOS industry apps for core business processes, allowing customers to leverage the data in their SAP enterprise systems and transform how they run their business anywhere.

I understand that the kind of capability that drives a digital enterprise is being able to get crucial information, reports, and data whenever and wherever you need it without being dependent on your desktop. I also learned that SAP is starting with industries that have a high demand for consumer applications.

I'm relieved that SAP offers their community of developers with modern tools and training including SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and a SAP Academy for iOS in order to develop, extend and run a new class of native iOS apps powered by HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

Apple and SAP partnership will provide developers with a SAP Fiori for iOS design language based on SAP Fiori UX adapted for iOS, which includes reusable design components and building blocks to optimize the development of smooth and consistent UI design across applications and between the lifecycle of every application.

Connecting millions of developers, customers, SI partners and ISV partners requires SAP Academy for iOS to complement the SDK and curate and educate the combined ecosystem of both Apple and SAP.

SAP HANA's enterprise computing platform enables customers to constantly access their data every day to get crucial information. I'm really looking forward to this partnership because I'm sure that both firms will develop applications that will make newer and faster ways to perform a task, access data and do a certain job.

I could see great developments and innovations through this partnership because I have confidence in SAP's wealth of data management and Apple's adored user experience.

9 months ago

Certified Otolaryngology, Dr. Richard Isaacs

Richard S. Isaacs, MD is a otolaryngology in Sacramento , CA.

Phone number: (916) 688-2000



Specialties:   Otolaryngology (License# G75756 CA )

Gender:         Male



6600 Bruceville Rd

Sacramento , CA 95823

Phone:           (916) 688-2000




Kaiser Health Plan Pediatric Phy

6600 Bruceville Road

Sacamento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000


Kaiser Foundation Hospital South Sacramento

6600 Bruceville Road

Sacamento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000


Kaiser Health Plan #1 New Pharmacy #601

6600 Bruceville Road

Sacamento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000


Kaiser Fdn Hsp Inp Phy 60a

6600 Bruceville Road

Sacamento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000


The Permanente Medical Group, Inc.

6600 Bruceville Road

Sacamento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000


Kaiser Permanente

6600 Bruceville Road

Sacamento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000


Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento

1225 F St Apt C

Sacramento , CA 95814

Phone            (916) 688-2000


Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy #607

6600 Bruceville Rd Bldg 2, Fl 1, Rm M2041

Sacramento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000


Kaiser 2 Refill Wc Pharmacy 602

6600 Bruceville Rd

Sacramento , CA 95823

Phone            (916) 688-2000